Min Al-Tadakhul ila Al-Tafa'ul Al-Hadari, (From Sociocultural Interference to Cross-cultural Interaction), 
[by] Magdi Youssef, 
Cairo: Al-Hilal Book, Dar Al-Hilal, 2001. pp391 

This valuable book, published by the prestigious monthly books series of Dar
Al-Hilal Publishing House, and written by the renowned culture critic Magdi
Youssef, deals with the challenges globalisation posits for Third World
countries. The main concern of the book is how people of the Third World
could be not merely consumers of knowledge but also producers. It is divided
into three sections; the first dealing with theoretical approaches to the
dialectics of the self and the other in the present time, the second attempts an
application of the theory elaborated in the first section on selected works of
literature and art. The final section engages in critical debates with a number
of well-known figures in Arab culture. 

Source: Al-Ahram Weekly / Books Supplement (June 2001) / 
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