Scholarly Review of the International Association of Intercultural Studies  (I. A. I. S.) 

Issue # 1                 Spring 2003         ISSN 1618 - 6109

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Magdi YOUSSEF, Contemporary Arabic Literature and World Literature: A Methodological Proposition

Hugo DYSERINCK,  Imagology and the Problem of Ethnic Identity 

Abbas MANOOCHEHRI,  Enrique Dussel and Ali Shari'ati on Cultural Imperialism

Weigui FANG,  Genese und Wandel des modernen chinesischen Kultur- und Zivilisationsbegriffs

KUO Ming-fong / Andreas WEILAND, Modern Literature in Post-War Taiwan

Andreas WEILAND, Beschwoerung der 'Moderne' und westlicher Hegemonismus im 21. Jahrhundert

Martin FRANZBACH, De utopías, desencantos y paraísos perdidos: el crisol cubano

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The present issue was edited by Magdi Youssef.   INTERCULTURAL STUDIES  is edited alternately by Magdi Youssef and  Andreas Weiland